Teacher Mentorship

I have taught 200 hr teacher trainings for many of years. In my experience I am finding that as soon as you graduate there’s a quick reality check, “now what.” Your teaching career becomes a very solitary experience. Maybe you take more classes and workshops here and there, frantically taking notes so you can remember all the details to embed them into your own teaching. Everything you teach is through observation, trial and error, and experience. I’m finding that constructive feedback from a teacher you value and respect is rare and yet so necessary. Although there are many learning opportunities at your nearby studio, most of the education is geared towards the studentship more so than the seat of the teacher. There is a clear gap between, learning something in your own body, integrating it into your life and practice, and now how in the world do I teach this.

Mentorships are valuable in that the guidance is informed first and foremost by the goals of the individual receiving the mentorship. During formal trainings, the offerings have an agenda surrounding certain requirements that need to be met and what I wish to facilitate to my students. When working one-on-one in a mentorship program like this, I have the opportunity to listen, learn, and meet the student/teacher exactly where they are at. I can help them dive into the areas of study and ability they wish to develop, and can create opportunities to help meet their needs.

My years of practice, training, studying, and teacher education has prepared me to assist instructors to grow in a wide range of areas. Some goals that I’m currently working my my mentees are:

  • Asana study and Posture analysis

  • Corrective exercises for private clients

  • Resume building and preparing for auditions

  • Sequencing Strategies

  • Refinement of voicing, languaging, effective cueing

  • Teaching advance asanas and skills

  • Yoga Philosophy and Theming

  • Empowering a personal practice

  • Hands on assists

  • Brand building

  • Class organization and construction

I have a limited amount of spots for mentorships, I’m offering spots as my schedule allows. If you are interested in meeting, I’d love to learn more about what you are seeking, your goals, and what kind of support you would like to have.

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