Krystal has been one of the biggest influences as a practitioner and teacher. She has been a steadfast guide for me through it all.  In the classroom she is an alignment junkie with super fun and unique flows that are accompanied by deep and though provoking themes.  She brings awareness to subtle movements in your body that can change the entirety of your practice and make you feel more stable and strong.  Off the mat she is a vibrant bright light that will challenge you to push through your obstacles to explore the highest version of yourself.  

- Carisa Banuelos (Denver yoga teacher)

She has the brilliant combination of yogic knowledge and proficiency in human anatomy that is so rare in today's yoga community. She bleeds passion for what she does, and you see it come through in each and every class, which is always challenging and meticulously thought out down to the minute nooks and crannies. I feel ever blessed to have her as a teacher and mentor. 

- Kerry Franklin (Student)

You've inspired me so much over the time I've gotten to know you.  I fell in love with your teaching style the first day I walked into your classroom.  You have an elegant essence about you that exudes light.  You're themes speak to my soul.  And most of all I'm so grateful to have had you as my teacher trainer.  That time for me was transformative and it keeps on giving.

-Cecelia Miller (200hr Teacher Trainee)

I've been fortunate enough to find Krystal to enrich my yoga practice.  She helps you find angles in your body and in your yoga poses that you didn't know existed.  She always finds words of wisdom to add to the physical aspect of your poses, which makes this a deep holistic mind body experience. I love this woman!

-Carmen Quintanilla (200hr Teacher Trainee)